When you upgrade your plan to either the Classic or Premium package, it will take effect immediately. This will result in an immediate charge for the new package and a prorated refund for the old plan.  


Example: Changing plan from Basic to Classic.

  1. The cost of the new plan will charge immediately.

  2. The cost of the old plan will refund immediately (it typically takes 3-5 business days to show up in your account).  

    1. The refund will be less than the total amount, and the amount will depend on where you are in your billing cycle.


When you downgrade your plan to either Classic or Basic, it will take effect upon your next billing cycle. This means you will continue to enjoy your current package until the end of the current billing cycle and both the change to the lower plan and the new (lower) charge will happen as of your next billing date. 


Example: Changing plan from Premium to Classic.

  1. The premium plan will be active until your next billing date.

  2. As of that date:

    1. Your plan will change to Classic

    2. You will be charged for the Classic plan.


If you want to change your plan, here's how.