How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling subscriptions can be a pain, so we made it as easy as possible for you to cancel at any time!

Where you go to cancel depends on where you originally signed up for your Frndly TV. This could have been directly through the Frndly TV Website, on a Roku Device, or on an Amazon Fire TV/FireStick.


If you signed up on the website


To cancel on an internet browser:

  1.   Go to Frndly TV
  2.   Sign in, if requested 
  3.   Select ‘Cancel Subscription’


 To cancel on our mobile app:

  1.   Log into your account on our mobile app (iPhone, iPad or Android mobile) app
  2.   Select ‘Settings’ from the main menu
  3.   Select ‘Account’ from top
  4.   Select ‘Active Plans’
  5.   Select 'Cancel Subscription'


If you signed up on a Roku Device:

  1.    Go to your Roku Subscriptions
  2.    Follow the on-screen instructions


If you signed up on an Amazon Fire TV/FireStick 

  1.    Go to the Amazon App Store
  2.    Sign in, if requested 
  3.    Select the 'Actions' dropdown ion the right side of the screen
  4.    Select 'Turn off auto-renewal'

NOTE: Immediately following your cancellation, you will receive an auto-generated email confirming your cancellation.  We recommend you keep this for your records.